PHP Linking question

Ok, say on my server I have a folder that holds my blog script, but I want to be able to use the information on my main page lets say index.php (which is outside of my blog folder)

If this is the code on one of my blogs

<b><a href='<%MainPageURL%>'>Home</a></b>
<br><b><a href='<%ProfileURL%>'>User Profile</a></b>
<br><b><a href='<%ArchiveURL%>'>Archives</a></b>
<br><b><a href='<%FriendsPageURL%>'>Friends</a></b>
<Link><br><b><a href='<%LinkURL%>'><%LinkTitle%></a></b></Link>

then how do I use that on a page outside of that blog folder?

Just create the links…

The following <%MainPageURL%>, <%ProfileURL%>, <%ArchiveURL%>, <%FriendsPageURL%>, and <%LinkURL%> are just variables that represent there respective pages (ASP?) . You just need to figure out where they are pointing. and substitute.

If it’s outside your folder, then you can also allow HTML to use relative paths:

<a href='/rootfolder/different_folder_than_your_own/<%MainPageURL%>'>Home</a>
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