PHP ldap ssleay32.dll conflict with Crystal Reports

When I copy the ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll with the ones supplied with PHP version 5.2.5, Crystal Reports refuses to start… When I used the ones that work with crystal reports ldap functionality quits with the error: [21-Mar-2008 15:06:45] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘C:/PHP/extphp_ldap.dll’ - The operating system cannot run %1. in Unknown on line 0

is there a way to get PHP to use the ones in C:PHP and not use the ones in C:WindowsSystem32?

Will prepending the PATH environment variable with C:PHP break crystal reports?

I can’t just try it because the admin wont let me… but wants me to fix this, go figure.


C:/PHP/extphp_ldap.dll <- is that backslash correct?

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