PHP Installation problem, help needed please!



Firstly I apologise for asking such a stupid question, but I need help with my testing whether my php is working correctly. I have installed my web server, mysql and php, but when I do a test for http://localhost/test.php the web browser is reporting page not found. I believe I have done everything correctly, although I have seen different installation guides, such as the php.ini file should be placed in different places, does this affect it and if so which is the right directory.

Thanks soo much for your help!!


If the page isn’t being found make sure you put it in the root folder.

An example on my test machine:
C:Program FilesApache GroupApachehtdocsphp pages goes in here

If it isn’t being displayed properly look at the page source and check to see if you can view the code. If you can then the configuration is wrong and you need to play with the php.ini file.