php install headache

Hey trying to update my php from 4.2 to 4.3 and this is turning into a complete headache. I have tried installing some RPM’s from and im getting errors
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by php-4.3.7-sp.rh9.1 is needed by php-4.3.7-sp.rh9.1
php = 4.2.2-17 is needed by (installed) php-imap-4.2.2-17
php = 4.2.2-17 is needed by (installed) php-ldap-4.2.2-17
php = 4.2.2-17 is needed by (installed) php-mysql-4.2.2-17
php = 4.2.2-17 is needed by (installed) php-odbc-4.2.2-17
So i then tried to install it just like it says from the doc’s. Nope that didnt work either
Can someone instruct me or point me into a direction of getting this installed without pulling out my hair. Thanks

Redhat 9

Try uninstalling everything related to PHP before starting the installation. An other solution would be to upgrade the system to Fedora.

I usually install PHP from source. On a RPM-based system, you will probably need to instal a few -devel packages in order to have the required libraries and header files.

Thats what i did… fedora core… Working great now!!

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