php in a frameset?


hello folks!

I am a newbi to php and have installed php on my computer to test my scripts, being as I have no space on the web to test them… I have many questions (problems) at the moment. my most urgent has to do with php not working in my html framesets… php is, as far as I know, working and setup properly; I downloaded the version with the auto installer. however when I use php files in framesets the code is not parsed, so when I view the html source from within internet explorer my code can be seen.

I read somewhere on the net where another person had the same problem and the solution was for him to configure his php.ini file… whatever that means! I found the file in the windows directory, but what I am supposed to change in it is a puzzlement… :roll:


First thing is, are you putting your PHP code between php tags?




Note the * is not required.



when its installed put a .htaccess file in c:Appservwww

with these contents for extra security:

Order deny,allow deny from all allow from



lol yes :wink:


Apache is a bit more secure and you can use .htaccess files etc.


Can you get files to execute outside a frameset?

Is the extension of the file .php?

Are you sure your frameset’s src is right (pointing to a web source)?


yeah, the files are saved with the php extention… the problem is only with php files in framesets; php works otherwise… but in searching the net for a solution I read many nast facts about framesets and am now considering dropping the idea of using them altogether, and instead focusing on tables. :smiley: