PHP Image Gallery (Minishowcase) Help

I downloaded the PHP program from called “minishowcase”.
I use MAMP for my localhost.
After putting minishowcase inside my htdocs folder, I ran it, and I noticed that the gallery menu is not being populated.
I have used minishowcase on other servers other than my MAMP localhost, and when minishowcase is run on those servers it runs perfectly and the gallery menu gets populated.
Here is the demosite of how minishowcase is like:

If you look at the demo in the site above, you will see “my pictures(73)” and “venezuela(4)” under galleries.
If I download this exact same code and put it in my htdocs to run on my MAMP, I got the same result as the demo site, except that “my pictures(73)” and “venezuela(4)” are not showing.

Given this scenario, I think the problem is in my PHP settings or Apache settings.

Can anyone help pls?
What should I change to get it to work?

I don’t know if this is relevant but the “Virtual Directory Support” on my MAMP is disabled.
I don’t know how to enable it too…
When I used my friend’s computer…she used XAMP and minishowcase works fine there…
and her XAMP’s “Virtual Directory Support” is enabled there…
but then maybe that is not the reason why it works…

Please let me know how to solve this problem…
Thank you…

On the demo site, “my pictures(73)” and “venezuela(4)” look like real galleries with real photos. I assume you don’t get those galleries when you download the software.

You might need to ask Minishowcase for help - they have a community section here:

Prior to posting here, I have already left posts on that forum. I haven’t been getting any replies at all…

The “venezuela” folder comes with the download…the programs works like this:
copy the whole minishowcase folder to your webroot. Put a certain folder with your images, and the name of the folder will display under the “galleries” heading…

In my case…with my MAMP localhost…the titles of the albums (or in other words the folder names) to choose from does not populate the menu for the galleries…If I run the same program on another person’s localhost…it runs properly…in her case it showed the “venezuela” folder…

Do you think Virtual Directory Support being enabled or disabled makes a difference in this case?

thank you very much

Hello ‘JP1’
I realise your last post was 8 years ago, concerning the menu problem with ‘Minishowcase’ but I now have the identical problem and was wondering if you ever found out how to solve the problem?

Please get in touch if you are able to help,

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