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Im currently running a black ops server, i have a server log file that is URL based. I need a code/script that i can upload to my current ftp host that will pull the server logs from the URL and post them in a file so that i can have updated stats from my server onto my stats page.

This is the info that the gameserver company gives

Developers: Please see before you attempt to make use of this feature. That page contains important information about restrictions and limitations of this url. Direct Logs Access

If you are attempting to access your server’s logs and are seeing this page, your Log URL is incorrect. Please click the Info button next to your server at and click the “View Log URL” link (supported games only).

Developer Information:
A normal HTTP GET request is all you need to access the logs. Please set the User-Agent of your request to correspond with the name and version of the tool to help us identify problems with particular tools. Requests without a defined User-Agent may be stopped or slowed.

Server Specifications:
Timeout: The current timeout setting which defines how many seconds you must wait between sequential requests can be found at this URL: You can directly access this file from your tool, and the value can change in the future.

Log Size: Currently, the server sends out the last 2MB of the logs in real time. As a result, you may find that the first and last line of the file are incomplete/corrupted.
Returned Error Codes:
404 - Unknown or removed server

410 - Unknown or removed server

403 - Requests issued faster than the timeout value

Any help would be great thanks for reading

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