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I am a beginner of PHP. I have been asked to rewrite this Web page ( ) by using PHP urgently, but I have no idea how to do it. Could any one help me ? Thank you very much.

We are more then willing to help but you must help us as well as yourself. Specific questions please. Check out in the tutorials - there is a link on how to ask a question.

I just want to create a drop-down list by using PHP code to replace those codes below:

February March April May June July
August September October November    

I finish this part:

Please choose a month February March April May June July August September October November <Input type="submit" name="submit" value="Go"

I am not sure how to connect each month of the list to those Web addresses. Could anyone tell me? Sorry about my English.

I would suggest putting the names of the months in an array and looping through the array and concatinating the month name to the end of all the other stuff. Here is the logic not the code.


load month array
display beginning of table stuff (table, table row)
for each element in the array
    link = "<TD width="15%"><FONT class=Link face=Verdana><A class=style4
    get a substring of the element consisting of the first three letters
    concatinate that substring to the link
    concatinate this (04">) to the link
    concatinate the array element to the link
    concatinate all the rest of the stuff (</A></FONT></TD>)to the link
    display the link
end the for each
close out the table

For help understanding all that (in case you don’t) go to and in the tutorials/basic section there is “An Overview of Arrays”, “PHP Control Structures by Benjamin Bischoff”, and “PHP Strings Primer by Matt Wade”. You might also want to look here ( … oreach.php ) in the manual.

References to the manual for string and array functions

Hope that gives you enough to chew on for a while.

Try to keep your posts as specific as possible, more people will click if they know what their up against :wink:

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