PHP Help,

Can’t get this PHP to work properly. need some help please


We cant get it to run either. For some reason Php will not execute a picture of code. Try posting the actual code using the code tags along with the exact error message you get. If you get no errors, turn on error reporting and try again.

without a definition of what you want that code to do it’s nonsense to say it doesn’t work properly. At least it looks like you want to give out the values of multiple columns, but try to access an array key that doesn’t exists, rather then taking the values from each column individually.

Are you joking EJ95? Post your code to us! Use the code tags when you post so that we can copy and paste it to test for you. Thank you. Please help us help you!

It wasn’t allowing me to post the code or anything typed out. It kept giving me a could not post error.

You are using Netbeans. Select the code, right-click on the selected code and COPY it.
Then, press the quotes or < / > tags and paste your code in between them.

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