Hello I bought a script from one chinese company. And now I am trying to traslate it from English to Turkish. I do have some problem during this translation process. I am asking jelp about this. İs there any body out there who can meet me in skype and answer my questions. If you are interested in helping me you can email me [email protected]

Problem description :

When I try to traslate it I met with a loth of trouble. My Current trouble is There are some codes that automaticly generate words and it does not let me to translate it. For example below code; I translate bana and dedi but there is something in between it is automaticly generated. İt should be süpersin but it still remain as cool. Please see attached pics and I attached also script. If anyone can help me that would me perfect

{else} {$var_eventlists.pager} {/if} {/if} {* -------- event end – compliment start -------*} {if $is==‘compliment’} {foreach from=$var_complimentlist item=i} {$} {l t=‘bana’} {$i.type} {l t=‘dedi’}

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