PHP help required

Well i worked with php for some time but now im facing a strange problem. Eversince i upgraded to 5.2.4 my url links are not working properly! all the links somehow come out with repaeted strings in them! e.g. if the link is to be http://localhost/test/admin, it turns out to be http://localhost/test/admin/test/admin.
I tried to install a open source software and on the congif setup page all paths were also wrong! i thout the problem was tool specific, but now i see the same problem comin whenever php has to calculate a url! I hope i was able to actually clear out wats my problem. I would be very grateful for any ideas/suggestions. Thank you.



Is it a certain script, or ALL scripts`?

It could just be script configuration, could be server issue… if it is on your localhost I recommend wamp server :-)

Thanks for the reply! well its happening with all the scripts at the moment! i never faced this problem before! well i am using Windows 2003 Server with IIS 6. Any other suggestions? Thank you.



Install WAMP server :-)

It uses Apache… I like it better than IIS

Could you show us a piece of code where it goes wrong? This might help us spot the problem.

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