PHP HELP | redirect thing

Hi guys im vann and i need help on php coding. so what i need is simple. It’s for my website. the thing is like this.

<textarea class="editor" name="message" id="message" rows="12" cols="600" onselect="storeCaret(this);" onclick="storeCaret(this);" onkeyup="storeCaret(this);" onchange="storeCaret(this);" tabindex="4" style="height: 175px; "></textarea>

so this is a text area. if someone typed something on it, theyll be redirected to a url. for example, if you typed “Hello” on it, you will be redirected to … dont mind the slugs if its going to be an error. sorry if you cant understand because im a php noob. thanks!

You need to show us more code then a textarea.

Where is your submit button for people to submit the form and where is your attempt at the redirect?

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