PHP Help - Adsense

Ok. Im not to gifted when it comes to PHP. So, I was wondering where I add my publisher ID for google adsense. Thanks for any help. If you need any more code (if where I add it is not in here) I can provide it.



<?php } if ( function_exists('register_sidebar_widget') ) register_sidebar_widget(__('myads1'), 'widget_mytheme_myads1'); // google ads 2 function widget_mytheme_myads2() { ?>


<?php } if ( function_exists('register_sidebar_widget') ) register_sidebar_widget(__('myads2'), 'widget_mytheme_myads2'); ?>[/code]

Doesn’t Google have some sort of list with questions and answers that explains this?

google_ad_client = “your publisher ID goes here”;

You are better off creating a new ad and copying and pasting the code into your pages. That way you will avoid any mistakes and possibly lost $.

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