php guestbook issue

I’ve used this guest book before but on a different hosting service but the actual php was from a freeware service.

hosting: - guestbook form & msgs from people - transition pg after clicking submit on guestbook pg, goes to this pg then after 2-3 sec refreshes back to the guestbook pg - file that guestbook data/msgs are posted to this file & the guestbook.php will reference it

I’ve made the data.txt file “write” & also “execute” from the chmod properties. I also did this for the gb.php & guestbook.php & no matter what I try it still won’t post. If anyone out there can help me figure out why its not working I’d appreciate it.

guestbook.php code

<?php include("data.txt"); ?>
Name: Email:

HTML>The Rickersons - Laura & Scott

It only takes a few seconds.
You should try it again, because you did it wrong.

Clicking here will make you go back to the guestbook, or wait 3 seconds & it’ll refresh.

That script just displays the posts and gives a form…

We would need to see: gb.php

I’ve added the GB.php code.

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