php gd function for 'slicing' images

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if I might be able to get some advice. I am trying to do one of the final programming missions on a site I hang out on, and I am a little stuck. Basically, I need to unscramble an image to make it a readable form so that I can run my OCR code on it and post back the results. Now, I know how the image is scrambled, and I know what I will need to do to unscramble it. In order to unscramble it, I will have to split it into a series of strips, each 250 px wide and 1 px high. I will then put each strip into an array, and I can sort the rest out. Does anyone know of a fuction that will allow me to split my image into the sections I need? Would really appreciate a little advice here.

Thanks in advance,

Never mind, I can use $dest = imagecreatetruecolor(), and then use a for loop and imagecopy() to copy 250x50 px strips to $dest. Thanks anyway :smiley:

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