PHP Form Validation - Valitron

Please help me how to install Valitron (URL: library in PHP. I am working in Windows 7. Please give a step by step instruction with a beginning level code.


Valitron uses Composer to install and update:

curl -s | php
php composer.phar require vlucas/valitron

I need more help. The documentation available in GitHub is not upto the level. I thing it is meant for linux. I need specific help for Windows.

Installation - Windows#

Using the Installer#

This is the easiest way to get Composer set up on your machine.

Download and run Composer-Setup.exe. It will install the latest Composer version and set up your PATH so that you can call composer from any directory in your command line.

Thank you. I will try and get back.

I installed composer successfully. PATH is automatically updated by Composer Installation. How to install Valitron library.

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