PHP Form not pinging to 2nd Email address. Help needed


I’m looking for some help from someone who has expert PHP knowledge, and generally gets IT, because the problem I have seems to straddle both. This is the issue.

We have a PHP form which pings out the results of a completed form in an email to two recipients. The first, receives the email every time. The second, received 2 of about 20 tests that we have sent through. This is what we’ve checked out:

  1. We assumed something was wrong with the code, but we tested with a different third party email address (multiple times) and it worked fine
  2. We obviously made sure that the email address was definitely correct
  3. We considered if the mails were actually just getting blocked his end by a spam filter - his email company have run logs to check, we can see that 5 arrived, 2 which he got in his inbox. Most however didn’t even arrive.
  4. We considered that it could be a server issue our end, so we transferred the files from Titan where they’re currently hosted to another server. Same issue happens.

My current developer has expired his knowledge and I’m looking for an expert to come and help us untangle this mess.We will pay of course!



Send me a PM. I am available.


Just curious, is this a GoDaddy server? I had trouble with that until I sorted it out. GoDaddy requires a bit
of an odd set up for the outgoing mail. It would not go out to one AOL account and one Gmail account, but,
can be fixed with ease.

If one recipient gets 2 out of 5, they need to lower their spam filter a notch…