PHP Form, Make the text submit rather than having a submit button


HI all, i have some code that will list out names and departments and at the end of the line is a submit button. I wanted to come away from this as it can look a but clunky to say the lest and just have the line IE their name and surname and department as one big submit button.

<table align='center'>
<form action='postsubmit.php' method='post'>
<th><td><font color='white' size='6px'> $firstname $surname $departmentname
									<input type='hidden' name='firstname' value='$r[firstname]'>
									<input type='hidden' name='surname' value='$r[surname]'>
									<input type='hidden' name='descr' value='$r[departmentname]'></td></th>
<th><td><input type='submit' value='Submit' class='btn2'></form></td></th> 

the above will output

Billy Bloggs - IT [submit]
Jimmy Frog - Staff [submit]
Brian Henderson - Staff [Submit]

I want to to remove the [submit] and just have the line as a submit.

all help apprecited.



Move $firstname $surname $departmentname into the value of submit. You are missing the closing form tag. I assume this is a single record display. Do not echo a bunch of HTML. Use the PHP output tag. <?=$some_value?>