PHP Form help

following error occur in underneath code.

Notice: Undefined index: inputdata in C:\wamp\www\todo\index.php on line 1

<?php echo $_POST['inputdata']; ?>

That error means that…

does not have a value.

if you don’t want the error to show up when you first visit the page you will need to either…

  1. turn error reporting off using " error_reporting(0); "
  2. use an if(isset())…
    echo $_POST[‘inputdata’];
    else {

} [/php]

if the form is in the same file as the PHP script then your form tag should look like so…

<form action="" method="post">

Thanks i get the logic,
and also get my code working.

may God keep you happy.


So you got your code working?

Or just set it to NULL before the first line…

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