Php For each Limit

I have a problem.
My code generates data from a while loop. I get the distance, and an ID.

Now I need those two data to be linked together (the distance is good for only one id) I need to sort the data by distance and display only the first 5.

I first tried to put the data in an array like this :
$array[ID] = distance

And then sort it…

But I cannot get only the first 5 (shortest distance) by using a for each.

Anyone got a better idea??

thanks a lot!

Why not use a regular for instead of a foreach?

for ($count = 0; $count < 5; $count++)
    $array[$ID] = $distance;

Because the problem is not getting the data in an array, it’s getting it out…

foreach ($array as $value) {
	echo $value;

But only get the first five value

Okay, so then you want something like…

var $count = 1;

foreach ($array as $value)
  echo $value;

  if ($count > 5)


Thanks a lot!!!

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