PHP files are not outputting codes

I’m new and I ran into a problem right out of the gate. I have 2 files with the same codeing. One is a HTML file, and one is a PhP file. When I want to execute the two files, the HTML file will run, but never show the PhP commands ( that are inside of the PhP directory). When I run the PhP file, it brings me back to the editing area, and will not output the selected codes.

The following codeing is in both files:
start of codeing

This is the title Hello from my user directory Tester test <?php phpinfo(); echo "Hello from my PhP directory"; echo "Tester test"; ?> [/php] **end of codeing** I use notepad++ for my editing, and I have a active WAMP server whenever I use to test my PhP codeing.

I used the tutorial from, and I used the windows 7 tutorial instalation video(s) to install and prepare my codeing for information.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

I couldn’t understand your problem.

What do you mean by “that are inside of php directory”?
Where have you placed your .php files tell the exact location (for example C:\wamp\www\folder)

and How are you running the PHP file?
Are you opening it by double clicking directly on the .php file or are you accessing it through web-browser like:

I tested it using wamp and it works fine. Make sure you have IIS turned off and wamp is on and pointing to the correct directory. something like C:\wamp\www\your_file.php

How do I turn off IIS?

windows 7

type services.msc from the run command prompt > scroll down to World Wide Publishing service.

or go to control panel > Administrative Tools > Services.msc > World Wide Publishing service. Click on stop service in upper left hand corner.

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