Php file with styles in all websites

The title might not make too much sense, but what I am trying to do is figure out how to use <?php include('../cdn/examplecss.php') ?> in php but I dont want to put the css file into every different directory. I have different folders each with a index.php but I want to just be able to put <?php include('../cdn/examplecss.php') ?> I know it sounds lazy, but putting a css file (and js) into every directory is a pain considering it will use more space on a computer if you are developing… I hope someone kindly answers this question as I am not very sure.

Normally you’d just leave your static files css, js, images etc in one place and reference those.


Then wherever you use these just use the absolute path (for the browser)

prepending the path with a / means the browser will go to the root of the site so it doesn’t matter what directory you’re in.

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