PHP expertise required

Hi there,

rather than a technical question about PHP, I have a question about the skilled PHP individuals out there. This skill is becoming increasingly scarce and I’m finding many companies struggling to find people who are proficient in this area. Can you direct me to PHP hangouts where I can find proficient individuals who would love to work with PHP?

Feedback would be much appreciated (my job depends on it…)


Here is a good pick. We have a lot of PHP beginners, but the senior PHP experts have usually been coding for a while and are very proficient at it (personal push: is my StackOverflow profile).

“PHP proficiency” itself is a very broad term. The learning curve for that language is low, but all the salt of it is not evident. To take an analogy, anyone can build a shed - whether the shed will be waterproof, wind-resistant, ecologically friendly and more importantly useful, is left to the person’s skill.
This point is compounded by the apparently large number of PECL extensions to master and all the techniques associated with it. For instance, whilst my skill with DOMDocument parsing is unrivalled, I have never used PostgreSQL and have so far had no plan to ever use it.

What exactly are you after? A more generic description should help. Feel free to throw me a PM or email and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

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