PHP Does Not Respond?


I am a complete new comer to PHP.

I stored both the HTML and PHP files in “localhost”

After I input the information on HTML, and “click” submit.

Error Display:


The requested URL/text.php was not found on this server.

However, the URL row displays correct answer:

http://localhost/test.php? Author=Mr. Brown”

My program is:

Who is your favourite author?

Your favorite author is: <?php echo $Author: ?>

Can anyone please tell me WHAT’S WRONG!? :cry:

Are your files in the same folder? If not, you should include the path to your text.php file.


Thanks for advise!!!

I save files under localhost/htdoc.

Even I save them in a folder, there still no response.

Can you make a clue what’s wrong.

Like to receive your reply soon, I got stuck!!! :cry:

Do you have the filenames correct? I see you using text.php and test.php. Make sure the filename you’re calling is EXACTLY the same as the file you have in your directory.


Many thanks for your reply!!!

It reminds me I missing something about the correct path!!!

It seems I didn’t type a correct path, it should be : localhost/htdoc/text.php , (I think should include htdoc for php files, isn’t it, but on html file, I can exclude “htdoc”, and the web comes up, what’s the reason WHY. And I will try and test tonight.

But anyway, thanks for your help!!!

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