PHP Dart Scoreboard

Hi everyone,
I am creating a PHP dart score board that is live streamed on the internet and works something like the following…
PHP Page that gets all matches from the database and displays them on a page with a clickable link to view the match scoreboard.
On the match scoreboard page there has a photo, name, and points, legs, sets etc about each player.
The scoreboard page is setup to refresh from the database every 20 seconds and update the player’s scores.

The only feature I have now to implement minus some fine tweaking is a control panel for the admin(scorer) that allows them to press buttons to change the score. At the moment everything works and I have just been entering scores into phpmyadmin which is a hassle.

I need to create update statements for the player’s scores and a way to display on the page what their last xx darts were.
The update statements are easy, its just the fact I would like a way to store the last xx scores in something like an array? that is displayed but also a way for the scorer to be able to press an undo button and that removes previous update statements.

I hope this is clear to everyone :slight_smile:
Thank you and Seasons Greetings!

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