PHP contact form with recaptcha

Hello there, I’ve created simple form using HTML with reCAPTCHA (custom skin design). I’m not a developer and I would like to use this form in my workshop website. Can any one help me with the code (validation & php email) please?


Untitled Document body { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; } #contactForm label { font-size:12px; color:#666; text-shadow:0 1px 0 #fff } #contactForm .buttonSubmit { background-color:#ccd0d5; background-color:#e7e7e7; border:1px solid #fff; border-bottom:1px solid #b2b2b2; border-right:1px solid #b2b2b2; padding:8px; font-weight: bold; text-shadow:0 1px 0 #fff; cursor:pointer; height:36px; } #contactForm .textBox { width:250px; padding:8px; margin:3px 0 10px; border:1px solid #fff; border-top:1px solid #b2b2b2; border-left:1px solid #b2b2b2; color:#000; background-color:#e7e7e7; resize:none; font-family: Arial; } #contactForm .error { color: #C00; }
Name: (Enter your name)
Email: (Enter your email id)
Phone: (Enter your contact phone number)
Message: (Enter your message)
Captcha: (Enter the two words below)
Incorrect please try again
Enter the words above: Enter the numbers you hear:


Have a look a video at to give you the basics of form processing. Once your php form processing script has the values from the form, you can call the mail function similar to the code below.


<?php $To = '[email protected]'; $Subject = 'Send Email'; $Message = 'This example demonstrates how you can send plain text email with PHP'; $Headers = "From: [email protected] \r\n" . "Reply-To: [email protected] \r\n" . "Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 \r\n"; mail($To, $Subject, $Message, $Headers); ?>[/php]
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