Php contact form handler bold code


It’s my first php file and I am sorry if question sounds stupid.
My form in email looks like:
Name of Company: text

However what i want the output to look like:
Name of Company: text

How can i acheive this?

Here is the small PHP form im using:

$errors = ‘’;
$myemail = ‘[email protected]’;//
if(empty($_POST[‘uznemums’]) ||
empty($_POST[‘e_pasts’]) ||
$errors .= “\n Error: Nav aizpildîti visi lauciòi”;

$uznemums = $_POST[‘uznemums’];
$paterins = $_POST[‘paterins’];
$slegums = $_POST[‘slegums’];
$e_pasts = $_POST[‘e_pasts’];
$telefons = $_POST[‘telefons’];
$liguma_nr = $_POST[‘liguma_nr’];
$papildinformacija = $_POST[‘papildinformacija’];

$to = $myemail; 
$email_subject = "Contact form submission: $uznemums";
$email_body = "Kontaktforma no ".
" dati:\n Name of Company: $uznemums \n Patçriòð mçnesî: $paterins \n Diferencçtais tarifs: \n $slegums \n E-pasts: $e_pasts \n Tâlrunis: $telefons \n Lîguma numurs: $liguma_nr \n Papildinformâcija: $papildinformacija "; 

$headers = “From: $uznemums\n”;
$headers .= “Reply-To: $e_pasts”;

//redirect to the 'thank you' page
header('Location: contact-form-thank-you.html');


Contact form handler <?php echo nl2br($errors); ?> [/php]

add this to your headers to be able to use HTML

[php]$headers .= "Content-type:text/html ";[/php]

then you can simply use < b> tags around the value you wish to make bold or alternately use < span></ span> tags and CSS.

Hope that helps,
Red :wink:

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