PHP code requesting help


I am working with some PHP and JS code to get my portfolio to do what I want it to on my web site ( I have some basic understanding of PHP but more of a I can read it but not write it kind of way.

The problem is that the thumb is tiling and I would rather the code scale the thumb from the image or even pull the thumbnail from another source like a site dir for said thumbnails. If anyone could help me I am willing to provide needed files to get this working. If you can get a hold of me [email protected] know the situation as well. Please feel free to visit the site to see the problem and feel free to contact Matt or I Thanks a lot!!

PHP code for gallery:
[php]<?php $thumb = ‘’;
$width = 182;
$height = 182;
$classtext = ‘’;
$titletext = get_the_title();
$thumbnail = get_thumbnail($width,$height,$classtext,$titletext,$titletext,true);
$thumb = $thumbnail[“thumb”];

<?php _e('read more','SimplePress'); ?>
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