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hello. I am building a website for a band in html and i was wondering how i would build a content management system so the band would be able to update the news, shows, etc sections without asking me to do it and without knowing any html or anything.

please please please help me.


you can use php-nuke. All you need to do is upload the files into your server and create a database (mysql) then goto the install file.

once you’ve done all that, you can modify the site title and create pages plus they have there own forums.

Hopefully on your Database, you get some space. depending how many people you will have going to this site, your database will contain 60 tables for the news, phpnuke and forum.

i dont understand at all. i guess i am way to new to php.

you might be… but its alright… i’ve been down this path before when i first learned php/mysql.

google php-nuke then make sure your hosting has mysql with phpmyadmin then follow the readmes in the php-nuke zip file

ok so what if the band has there own hosting for their site. i have to make sure it has phpmyadmin?

and do the pages need to be in php? cause only know how to code in html.
i only need them to update the news, etc content not any of the design.

I guess with you being so new to php I would recommend some research into free CMS’s (Content Management Systems). It will take some doing, but you should be able to find something that will work with the site.

Another thing, find out which host they are using, find out what they offer with their hosting. They may already have something to help with this. If not find out if they support php, asp, or any kind of server-side languages.

If so then find out if there is a database that is avaliable with the hosting package they have.

This will be a good start. Find out this information and if you need more help. That is why we are here.

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