PHP classes Daily - Beginners to Expert level

Hi All,

I am running daily PHP classes on zoom and also offering daily support over chat .

This would be a great opportunity for anyone and i mean anyone wanting to learn PHP .
Age or previous knowledge is not a factor all are wellcome and I can teach you or answer your problems daily .

Please comment or message me to arrange for zoom session or help with coding .
Does $9.95 to $15 a 1 hour class sounds good to you ?

And if you just need chat support $20 bux a week , you know when you are coding something on your own and ocassionally get stuck and just need a little help or advise or want to ask all sorts of basic questions the stuff that will get you down voted on stack overflow etc , I’ll be that support , the guy who saves you hours of searching , reading , asking questions and debugging ,sounds good ?

Message or comment and i’ll be here for you .

Kind regards

Well, good for you! Hope you make some $$$. And, some people might take you up on this offer.

But, keep in mind we do that here for free no matter of the poster’s experience. Not sure if you will do much business on this site. You might want to list your accreditation list and how you became “thephpexpert” or a list of work you have done for others. Something to indicate your real life experience. This might help acquire jobs. Good luck!

Thanks for the kind words and support . ernie
will defintely take on board your ideas…
This site is free and a great source of help its a amazing place to be .

I’ll just share my experience and why i decided to offer this additionally :
When i was learning php i was always trynna find someone to teach me online and than when i had some knowledge and always got stuck on little things i wished i had someone like a dedicated person to message and talk to to just solve my problems instantly , easily .
I coulndt find this so now after 10 years of php i’ve decided to offer this in case anyone needs it :slight_smile:

This forumns a great place to be happy we all can benefit :slight_smile:

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