php chart code help


I have downloaded the pana chart php script, and am currently sorting thorugh the code - decoding it of sorts. now the data input in the test file is like this

$vCht4 = array(60,40,20,34,5,52,41,20,34,43,64,40); $vCht5 = array(12,21,36,27,14,23,3,5,29,23,12,5); $vCht6 = array(5,7,3,15,7,8,2,2,2,11,22,3); $vLabels = array('Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec');

In the example it is the vCht4 data being used…

I want the data to be grabbed from an external source (Temp.log)

In Temp.log the data is written like
etc etc and as i stated before the numbers before the , is the plot ($vCht4)
and after is the label $vLables.

How do i get it to read and parse the temp.log file??



I would start with fopen() followed by fgets(). If I didn’t know how to use either of them, I would thoroughly read and understand chapter XX of the php manual before beginning my quest. I would hate to think that I’m reading a simple text file, only to discover that the arguments are backwards and I’m writing to a system file, the only known recovery is a complete format and reinstall of my operating system. :frowning: