php change languages

Hi there web programmers i am newbie using php i download this script from this website

its a free open source for change languages on main page

i am having a problem is i can change languages only on the first page all the other pages the language don’t change

can anyone help me with this problem when clicking on the main page the language chosen will be changed in all pages

can anyone help me with this problem thanks

i will apreciate your help please contact [email protected]
subject language change

Do you start all your pages/files with including the common.php file from the article?

Hi there thanks for your email

nope i didnt use any mysql yet but i plan to do it after

so where can i find the script to use with mysql and change the languages on the pages
when change one it will change all other pages

can you help me with

You should be fine with just doing what they do in the tutorial.

Without any code it’s pretty hard to help any further.

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