PHP Cannot get eBay descriptions from listings with preg_match

I am trying to write some eBay descriptions in a csv file. I am using an input csv file with MPNs which I use to search the listings and retrieve the info there. However when I use preg_match to find matches for descriptions, nothing is found. Here is my code:

$itemsUrl = readCSV(realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . DS . 'JeepToysEbayIsr.csv');
$stream = fopen(realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . DS . 'pssc_description.csv', 'w');
fputcsv($stream, array('MPN', 'Description'));
foreach ($itemsUrl as $itemNumber => $itemUrl) {
$item = array();
print_r($itemNumber . "\n");
$item['url'] = "".$itemUrl['MPN'];

$data = get_web_page($item['MPN'],"\n");

$come = true;
foreach ($data as $k => $row) {
// if (preg_match('/id="\'?vi-ilComp"\'?/',$row)) {
//     $item['ktypes'] = 'yes';
// }
if (stripos($row, "<iframe") !== false) {
  preg_match("/src=\"(.*?)\"/", $row, $matches);
  if (isset($matches[1])) {
    $desc = get_web_page($matches[1], "\n");
    $desc = implode("\n", $desc);
    $desc = preg_replace("/\r?\n|\r\/g/", "", $desc);

    // print_r($desc);die();
    $item['Description'] = $desc;

// print_r($item);die();
// if (!isset($item['ktypes'])) {
//     $item['ktypes'] = 'No';
// }
$msg['MPN'] = $itemUrl['MPN'];

    if (isset($item['Description'])) {
     $msg['Description'] = $item['Description'];
foreach ($msg as $key => $value) {
fputcsv($stream, array($value), "\"");


print_r("\n" . 'Script finished working at ' . date('Y-m-d H-i-s') . " .\n");

Example data which I used:

this makes no sense, how should anyone test that without sample data?

I uploaded my example data in the post

And what exactly do you expect to extract from ?

To get the description below items specific

Where’s the description on that page?

below item specifics

There’s no “item specifics” on that link. This is the right link when I open the first result

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