PHP Calculation Page Alignment

created a calc page, but can’t seem to center my solution and add currency symbol.

What exactly am I missing…?



Wait, I don’t understand the issue. You’re trying to center your solution (as in, HTML-type centering)?
And then add a currency symbol to the page?

Yes, if you press the calculate button it submits the variables, but I can’t seem to get the solution to be centered in the page as well with a currency.

The results page is missing a truckload of mandatory HTML. Please use to check your HTML for issues.

Ok, now once I work out the bugs; how do I control the alignment on my solution page? I still can’t figure this one out.

text-align is probably what you’re looking for.

would you use this when you are creating an echo command?

Echo commands are serverside, while HTML is clientside. I guess the answer would be ‘yes’, but the question hardly makes sense to be perfectly honest with you.

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