php booking form validation

I have a booking form that I have created and once press submit button takes them on to a payment page. I put in some validation code so that have to type in certain fields in order to continue to the payment page, but this isn’t working and customers can go straight to the payment page without having to fill out the form so my client doesn’t have any information from the client - can anyone help?

You should do both Server side and client side validation, to ensure the fields are populated.

Here are some tutorials.

Client Side (Javascript)

Server Side (Php)

I have attached the code I am hoping someone knows where I am going wrongas I am really not sure?

code.txt (25.1 KB)

I looked over the code…

I see that you have a “validatePage1” function that does a bunch of validation. But no where in your code you are calling that function.

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