PHP beginner will be looking for some friendly advice/help.

Hi all,

Just thought I’d pop in and introduce myself before I start picking your brains! I’m one of the elder generation (wrong end of my forties), fairly IT literate but have for the last year been working in a more technical role, and will be doing a lot of web-based stuff, in particular PHP/MSSQL/HTML. I’m new to all this, only ever having built websites from prebuilt CMS templates (Nuke Evolution for example) etc, and dabbling/minor editing would have been the limit of my knowledge up to this point.

I’m based in South Wales, UK, my name (as you can probably gather from my forum name) is Peter, and I look forward to chatting with you.


Good luck, have fun :slight_smile:

Remember we’ve all been here:

Haha, thanks Jim. You could add to that picture “I have no idea what I am doing, but if I look good while I’m doing it maybe nobody will notice!”


So that’s what the tie was for :smiley:

Exactly! :smiley:

Welcome Pete. I’m new here myself and am looking forward to give and take on php. I’m just in the process of learning it also.

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