PHP and adsense

I know this isn’t a forum for adsense but I have a quick question that maybe someone can answer.

So say I have a site where people look at pictures. Say I have an ID for each picture. For example, when I go to it show the most recent picture. However, on index.php it has next, previous, etc buttons. To show the next image it gets the next image id and gives a link to a URL like

So my question is that because it’s on the same page, index.php, does it not add another unique impression? Or does google realize that the content is different and counts it as another impression

Sorry if I’m not making sense, I’m new to PHP and adsense

I think Adsense uses the complete URL, and sees every image as a new page. Most forums use a query string in the URL to differentiate between boards/threads, and they get indexed correctly as well. I don’t have much knowledge or experience with Adsense itself, but I know Google Search does it like that, so I presume Adsense works similarly.

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