php address

I currently have php code that let’s a user log in, I am having problems with it so i decided to remove session start for a bit.

One problem I notice is that when ever I click Log In the url on the address bar turns into
instead of just http://localhost/timeinout3/index.php

I can’t figure out why it’s displaying the user and pass in the link and I know that is not good…

my problem when I put in session start is that I log in nothing happens except that i go to this link
then if i direct it back to http://localhost/timeinout3/index.php it logs in

Any Ideas?

You need to use post instead of get in the form tag like this:

Then on index.php something like this:

[php]$strUser = $_POST[“txtuser”];
$strPass = $_POST[“txtpass”];[/php]

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