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Hi there

Any help would greatly appreciated.

I am trying to add a CSS id= into the $display_products_price line or add a style to it.

Many Thanks



$display_products_price = $products_price . str_repeat(’
’, substr(PRODUCT_NEW_LIST_PRICE, 3, 1)) . (zen_get_show_product_switch($products_new->fields[‘products_id’], ‘ALWAYS_FREE_SHIPPING_IMAGE_SWITCH’) ? (zen_get_product_is_always_free_shipping($products_new->fields[‘products_id’]) ? TEXT_PRODUCT_FREE_SHIPPING_ICON . ‘
’ : ‘’) : ‘’);


Not sure what you are asking. Normally, you would apply styling thru CSS or tags when you
PRINT the item, not when you create the item.

So you create a variable: $display_products_price

Somewhere you print this: echo $display_products_price;

So, either you would print it in a

which has been styled using CSS or just add the styling in the print.
( echo “” . $display_products_price . “”; Or something like that…)
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