PHP 7.4 and APCu

Hello everyone,
Newbie question on php setup on linux. Hope you can help me please …

Is there a compatibility issue between php 7.4 and APCu 5.1.8?
I installed both and it appears APCu is running (because phpinfo() is giving me that confirmation).

However when I issue the command: php -m the listing doesn’t show apcu as one of the modules loaded. I’m bit confused. Any thoughts?


I have no experience with Opach, APC or APCu, but, found this online. It is from one of the main programmers involved in APCu. Sounds very negative for this library…

APC(u) is intended to function in a prefork multiprocess, or multithreaded SAPI.

FastCGI (without FPM) and CGI are not prefork models, they spawn distinct processes, as such APC(u) will not work correctly in those environments.

Nor will anything that uses shared mapped memory, like Opcache: They can cache for the current process, but share they cannot.

Thanks @ErnieAlex for your reply.

Yes … there appears to be some compatibility issue with the installation.
I’m setting up NextCloud on a raspberry pi; and APCu was recommended for php caching. Thats the context of my question.

Cloudy Pie? LOL Kinda a small platform for playing with a cloud. Hope you have an external hard disk connected to it. Good luck with it all…

LOL … yes it is small scale stuff. It is for personal use only … to share photos with family & friends.

Plus I’m learning new stuff too … just by tingeing around. :slight_smile:

I also own a Raspberry to play with. I played with Raspberry-Pi-Hole for awhile. Works really great!
Removes all ad sites form all web pages. Makes them load faster and uses less bandwidth overall.
Right now, I am playing with Visual Neural Networking software on it. I got most of it thru a tutorial on
PYimageSearch. It is kind of a sales sight, but, gives a ton of info and code for setting up Python and
an Open source visual network system for the Pi. Fun stuff… Good luck with a replacement for APCu

Thats good to know. I’ll check it out!


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