PDFLIB TIFF image problem

I have PDFlib GmbH Version 4.0.2 library installed on my Windows XP machine with PHP Version 4.3.2. Generating PDF files is working fine in my case and even I can place jpg images fine in the PDF document but problem occours When I want to Add some Tiff Images to a PDF file, som errors occours and php script crashes with an error message that error message is
Server Error, unable to connect to fastcgi server.
So is there any one who can help me with the above problem. Following is the Code I am using.

<?php $radius = 200; $margin = 20; $pdf = pdf_new(); if (!pdf_open_file($pdf, "")) { echo error; exit; }; pdf_set_parameter($pdf, "warning", "true"); pdf_set_parameter($pdf, "imagewarning", "true"); pdf_set_info($pdf, "Creator", "getpdf.php"); pdf_set_info($pdf, "Author", "Abdul"); pdf_set_info($pdf, "Title", "Abdul's Test"); // end of while loop here pdf_begin_page($pdf, 2 * ($radius + $margin), 2 * ($radius + $margin)); //$pdfimage = pdf_open_image_file($pdf, "jpeg", "pic1.jpg"); $pdfimage = pdf_open_image_file($pdf, "tiff", "foodv008.tif"); pdf_end_page($pdf); pdf_close($pdf); $buf = pdf_get_buffer($pdf); $len = strlen($buf); header("Content-type: application/pdf"); header("Content-Length: $len"); header("Content-Disposition: inline; filename=foo.pdf"); echo $buf; pdf_delete($pdf); ?>
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