PDFlib problems

I have an form that once the user fills out, it sends to MySQL. Now I need to grab that data and put it into a pdf file, for each user. I found some info about using the PDFlib, but I can’t find how to set it up. We are running PHP version 5.2. It appears that I just need help to get the PDFlib installed, so that I can use these functions. If anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it.

Charles Bastian
IT Dept Intern

[email protected]

It looks like PDFLib uses DSOs (Dynamic Shared Objects). Your webserver has to be compiled to allow this, then it’s “Turned on” with a directive in either your PHP.INI or HTTPD.CONF files. I do find it interesting that the documentation does seem to have a clear “This is the INSTALL procedure/document”

I have used FPDF ( http://www.fpdf.org/ ) with good success and it does not require “Installation” or a “recompile”, you just need to “Include” the appropriate file in your page.

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