PDF help


I have a code which is displaying PDF file. I tried lot for 2 modifications but no success.

1 - I need 1 portion to be displayed at left side of pdf (Please see at >>> https://snag.gy/70iBLE.jpg)

2 – Need a line break/gape (Please see at >>> https://snag.gy/70iBLE.jpg)

I have very little knowledge of working in php to create pdf file. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Code portion which requires to be shifted at left side is below:

foreach($pdf_custom_fields as $field){

$value = get_custom_field_value($estimate->id,$field[‘id’],‘estimate’);

if($value == ‘’){continue;}

$estimate_info .= $field[‘name’] . ': ’ . $value. ‘



You didn’t post any PDF related code we could rely on.

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