PayPal intergrations

Is it possible to display the information from the paypal payment page on the returning page to your website.

If there is a way does anybody have a clue how to do it.

Why would you want that?

Basically it comes down to supplying the customer with privacy-sensitive information that shouldn’t be on your website, not only giving them a (false?) sense of insecurity with regards to Paypal but also considering your site to be a hacker’s site with a bit of luck. Besides that, if you don’t set up a very solid security on your own end, you may make the customer’s private information publicly available.

Is a link to the paypal site not enough?

Basically all I want to do is check and see if someone has completed the payment and see hoe much they have paid. I dont want any sensative information off the customer

I know that to send information to paypal you use this form



What i want to know is can you just

echo $item_name
echo $amount

but i suppose that would be to easy.

Yes, you can just echo variables that are available in your script. The form is used to pass useful information to Paypal, so you won’t get a Paypal payment without you knowing what it’s from. However Paypal does not return any feedback afaik. So the only way to actually do this is load the Paypal website in a frame on your website.

echo $item_name echo $amount

So this cannot be done on the returning page

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