To write an algorithm for a script that will enable a user to log into a secure Web site.
System Requirements:

  1. The user must enter a valid password to access the Web site.
    2.The password is to be stored within the script.
  2. If the user enters an incorrect password:
    1.The Web site should display an appropraite error message and redisplay the entry page.
    2.If the user enters an incorrect password three times, the Web site should display an “Access Denied” message on a new page.
  3. If the user enters the correct password, then the Web site should display a “Welcome” message on a new page.

Task 1:

  1. Use an appropriate methodology to define an algorithm to satisfy the above requirments.
    2.Use either an industry recognised standard flowchart or psuedocode (or both) to define your algorithm.
  2. The algorithm should be presented in a professional manner suitable for presentation to a programmer for the completion of a script or program.

Task 2:

  1. Develop a table of appropriate test data…


Sorry not going to do your assignment for you, if you get started on it and get stuck I will be more than happy to help you out though! Show us your code and we can assist where you are going wrong at :wink:


You should really have no problem creating an algorithm.
You don’t have to code the script.

Just make sure if you hand it over to a programmer that they will be able to follow it and create the script from your data.

Good luck!