Password not responding after change

I am very new to PHP. My site had been hacked and i changed the admin user password. The new password refused to respond and kept giving me “Pasword invalid”. I have access to the database but i am not able to view the said database. (i have another database which was not hacked and is intact) I can view and even change the password of this other database but i am not able to do anything help recover the lost password of the hacked site.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Is there anything i need to do to show all hidden databases?

My phpAdmin says i don’t have privileges. I am the only admin so is there how i can turn all privileges on?

Is there anything i can do to be able to change and recover the password of this affected site?


sorry to hear of your troubles… :’(

Can you set up a new user in phpadmin with all privileges? if so you may be able to access the database this way.

if you can’t make a new user/access the database, try to dump the database and reload it into your own (offline) setup and see if you can access it that way…

have you got a recent backup? may have to bite the bullet and do a reload (and lose some data in the process) - this should be the last resort!

These are some of the things i’d try…

I hope you get it fixed :wink:

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