Passthru response from an executable - with delay

What script can passthru the full response from an executable, which might be slightly delayed responding?..

The executable I’m looking to fetches a webpage and I want that passed to the browser, as the full response.

This should be simple but hitting the edge of what I know.
Here defaulting to expecting php can handle this… but open to any robust solution.

What I have so far works, for what is a prompt response on the Version detail but then not the useful response, which atm is slightly delayed. So, wanting the php to hold until received.

This a dirty cluster of me guessing everything I know…

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
passthru("./safe -V");
echo "</p><p>";
passthru("./safe cat safe://hello/index.html");
header("Content-Length: $size"); 

but the output is simply the version answer and not the other content.

safe-cli 0.12.0

My interest here centered on the SAFE network CLI from
Current copy listed on assets at

and I have that executable then in /var/www space and given it works for -V access to that not the issue but the delay handling is??..

#offtopic Motivation is that I wonder this would allow safe://website.somedomain to be accessible as h ttp://website.somedomain and a powerful option then going forward, with body content in SAFE and header fixing the http visibility. See h ttps:// for more of what this is.

Point above, still is relative to any executable that is delayed?.. how do I get php to wait??.. timeout isn’t working and seems like the wrong direction to look; so, what other options…

Noting it seems perhaps this is likely more easily done with perl.

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