Passing variables from drop downs to PHP

I am really new to all this. I want to do something that seems straightforward but depsite trawling the net and various forums for several hours for help I have yet to find the answer.

I want to query a MySQL database. I know how to write the PHP for this.
Basically, I have two drop down boxes on a form. By clicking an item in box A it determines the target page and by clicking box B it determines what needs to be passed to the target page as a where clause. So my problem is that the target page isn’t always the same.

Can someone help me with the code for the form and GET/POST please?

Post some code?

Do you mean that box b is filled according to what is selected in A? If that’s what you mean, this needs to be done with javascript. Try and explain a little better if you can, maybe someone can suggest a different way of doing what you want to do.


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