Passing a URL to a new page

I need to be able to pass a URL to a new page when the user clicks a link (or something that looks like a standard link) on the first page. The only method I’ve been able to think of is appending the URL of the new page with the URL to be passed and then using $_GET as in this example:

URL–> …


<?php echo $_GET["page"]; ?>

I realize that there is a 100 character limit with $_GET, and I’m OK with that. However, considering the probability of complex URLS in the future (such as … 19353,7256)I wonder if this is the best solution.

I’ve used $_REQUEST in the past, but the info was passed when a button was pressed, and I’m not sure of how to do it or if it can be done when a text link is clicked.

Thanks in advance!


The size of get depends on used browser. Some support 2000 character,
some more.

You could do a sniff of which Browser they are using and find the specs for each and use GET or POST depending on which browser they are using.

You could use POST variables for passing URLs, and use the (text?) links to submit a mini form that holds the URL.

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