$parser-> code not working? (upgraded to 7.2)


The code is being used on the Mybb forum system, and was working correctly before upgrading to PHP 7.2 ; I am not having any luck re-adjusting the code to work with the new PHP and would very much appreciate some help. I’m an absolute n00b with PHP so please ‘explain like I’m five’ your help if you’re able!

This is the code that I was using, which was allowing the ‘userfields’ code to display BBCode instead of requiring HTML which I desperately want to avoid using.

<? print $parser->parse_message(htmlspecialchars_decode($userfields['fidX']),array("allow_mycode" => 1)); ?>

I have tried the following variations;

<?php print $parser->parse_message(htmlspecialchars_decode($userfields['fidX']),array("allow_mycode" => 1)); ?>


<?= print $parser->parse_message(htmlspecialchars_decode($userfields['fidX']),array("allow_mycode" => 1)); ?>

All three cause the forum page to come up with the following error:

I did find this information, and while I understand the basic of what it is saying, I haven’t the foggiest how to put it into action:

7.2.0    Usage of parse_str() without a second parameter now emits an E_DEPRECATED notice.

Any assistance that can be offered would be fantastic. Thank you kindly for your time.


if you get a 500 error, you have to check the error.log of your server, your hosting provider knows where it is.

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